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Catering Services

Let’s face it: your tastebuds deserve to be tantalized with an array of exotic spices, delicious foods and culinary masterpieces.

But you shouldn’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to experience the pleasure that comes from eating succulent, scrumptious dishes.  You shouldn’t have to fork over a small fortune just for a tiny plate of gourmet cuisine, either.

That’s where Z Sauce Works comes in!

Z Sauce Works: Gourmet Dining with a Casual Touch

At Z Sauce Works, we believe that experiencing culinary masterpieces shouldn’t occur within a barebones gourmet restaurant.  The best foods should be shared with friends, laughter and great wine – and they should be served in big heaping portions!

That’s what makes Z Sauce Works so special.  We’re more than just an exquisite gourmet dining experience – we’re a friendly meal-delivery service that brings divine dining straight to your doorstep.  You shouldn’t have to plan an entire evening out just to taste a few small bites of overpriced gourmet food.  At Z Sauce Works, we believe your fine dining should be on your terms, in the comfort of your own home.

With such a commitment to gourmet dining with a causal touch, maybe that’s why Z Sauce Works has been shaking up the Atlanta gourmet world!

Experience Mark Zeigler’s Unforgettable Creations

Mark Zeigler, chef and founder of Z Sauce Works, understands that the most savory dishes are those that combine palate-pleasing ingredients with time-tested culinary winners.  That’s why Zeigler’s menu is rife with unforgettable creations such as fried turkey, honey-glazed ham, bbq chicken breasts, filet mignon, seafood bisque and so much more.  No matter what your tastes, Zeigler’s divine Southern-inspired menu will please even the most discerning tastebuds.

Additionally, Zeigler has made it possible to turn holidays into a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the finest gourmet dining in the Atlanta area.  Whether you’re looking to impress your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or want to make this a Thanksgiving you’ll never forget, having a Mark Zeigler creation on your dining table is guaranteed to be a surefire hit.

Z Sauce Works also offers catering for special events, including weddings, graduation parties and other events that celebrate life’s special moments.  Contact us today, or visit our “Schedule Your Event” page for a convenient order form.

Gourmet Dining Straight to Your Doorstep

Z Sauce Works goes the extra mile for our customers by making it more convenient than ever to enjoy gourmet dining without leaving home.  Z Sauce Works has a special delivery service that runs every Tuesday and Thursday.  No matter if you’re looking to host a mid-week get-together or a weekend party, Z Sauce Works convenient and timely delivery service will ensure that you get your delicious food on-time.

Want to pick up your culinary goodies for yourself?  Not to worry: Z Sauce Works also offers collection services, so you can stop in after work and take home a delicious meal the whole family will love.

At Z Sauce Works, we invite you to browse through our website and see what tantalizes your tastebuds.  For your ease and convenience, we offer online ordering and delivery set-up.  Don’t forget to sign in our guestbook as well!